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We sat alone and in silence, and ironically that was the beginning of making friends. Our five days and nights of being together started in separation and gradually became a period of intense connection and togetherness. We went inward and came outward. We all wanted to break out of our aloneness and experience oneness, though we could not articulate that desire.

I was leading a group of 16 year-o...



"The kick is no good!"


As the announcer's shocked voice was heard across the nation, Jordan Williamson's life was drastically altered. The highly recruited high school star, once lofty in the college football world as Stanford University's star kicker, had suddenly fallen to earth. His landing was hard. On national television in the Fiesta Bowl his team had marched downfield into perfect field go...


How do we act when life gives us a situation that we feel is beyond our control? Humans repeatedly are forced to deal with such conditions. If we are mindful at these moments wisdom may emerge that will help us to know if we should accept what is happening or try to change it.

On February 19, 75 years ago, an executive order from President Roosevelt lead to the mass incarceration of 120,000 Japanes...

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