Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu

Dr. Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu

Exploring the power of Heartfulness
Mindfulness, Compassion & Responsibility

Heartfulness is a way of being based in mindfulness, compassion, and responsibility. Embracing vulnerability we cross borders within ourselves and between us and others. Cultivating humility, gratitude, and acceptance, we become more authentic and kinder to ourselves and all other beings. Seeing and listening to others we believe in our oneness and connectedness with each other and with nature. Taking responsibility for our own life, we seek to understand and realize our unique purpose in serving humanity. 


Dr. Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu trained in East Asian medicine and received a doctorate in clinical psychology from Harvard University. His teaching at Harvard, The University of Tokyo, and Stanford University spans 30 years. At Stanford , he has developed programs in  heartfulness that balance Eastern and Western ways, integrate traditional spiritual wisdom and academic knowledge, and synthesize art and science. His work in designing gentle, healing, inclusive spaces is done in schools, businesses, religious organizations, and hospitals. Heartful community building connects diverse people, transforming self and society..

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Grandmother's Wisdom

One way we embrace loneliness is by internalizing lost loves ones. I'm reminded how my grandmother told me we'd never be apart because she'd be in my heart

The Japanese word, sabishii, means "lonely" but with a deeper meaning. My grandmother taught me that it's the human condition to be lonely. Being mindful of our loneliness connects us with our full humanity as well as to all others who are feeling the same way. Grandmother's way of using the word and way of living was based on a mature acceptance of loneliness, of the suffering in existence, and of the impermanent nature of human experience.

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